to my favorite babe

danny, this was one insanely crazy year and yet somehow in the midst of all the chaos, i got the best and most unexpected surprise of 2020: you. one conversation would lead to another which led to five more and then it turned into my day wasn't ever complete if i didn't get to talk to you. i told myself i would never fall for your charm and yet here i am, falling for it and you over and over again and i never want it to end. you make every day better than the last and a smile never leaves my face when i'm with you. thank you for choosing me, i'm beyond lucky and i am so incredibly and irrevocably in love with you. merry christmas, babe, and here's to a new year of hopefully making you as happy as you make me! i know, i know, i'm the queen of cheesy, so stop rollin' your eyes at me now. xo, zoey